...ain't it always the way...there always seems to be a little cloud above our heads...

My need for this blog has been coming for a long time.  We all go through struggles in life from time to time...God says we will face trials; further; we are to count it all joy when we do...(James 1:2)...WHY?...well, I know one thing...we are told that we grow in times of trial (James 1:12)...we all want to grow, right?  Yes...sometimes I say I have had enough growth...all I want is some peace...a rest...And, that is ok. It's ok here, and it's ok with God...He loves us...He gives us opportunities to find that peace that passes all understanding...He gives it to us if we ask...(Philippians 4:6-7) and some other places!

I'm here in this place right now BECAUSE I am having difficulties with my specific trials. To bring my first photo into this...a few clouds are hanging above my head right now!  I'm here because I want to talk about as general a way as names here; cept mine...but the stories, the events, the situations will be real...every day real.  Hopefully sharing the Christian principles I pull from study and discussion (and I may learn from some of you) (and then more study) will help...Help me...but help someone else out there who may be struggling with similar issues.  Sometimes I'm going to be angry...hurt...sad...BUT, I want to get to the smile at the end!!

You are welcome to comment here...but I want to remind you that I will not publish any comments that are inappropriate or threatening or abusive...duh! WHY NOT...cuz it might hurt someone else, and it's my blog...:) HA...yes, it's ok to share, but share nicely please! No names...cept yours...:)

I invite anyone who wants to study issues, find Godly answers and a way to grow to be better Christians -  to share...we can all learn and grow from each other!  And, OH yes...if the situations that are written about sound prayer is that we can learn from these things, and hopefully use it as a way to understand the hurts we can impose on others and grow to be better with each other.  I assure you; yes YOU out there...that not only will I be talking about things that have interfered with my ability to be the best I can be...but, I will be talking to myself as much as others; what I may have done better!  What would be the point if I didn't learn to be a better Christian woman myself!!

I'm going to let this grow and morph as I go along...I hope you will stop by now and then to find out how I can try to infuse humor with the painful reality!  WHEW...Check back for my first topic tomorrow!  GOD BLESS!


  1. Saundra - So looking forward to hearing your insights from both of your blog fronts!

  2. Saundra..when i saw your blog title godlypers ...I thought it's some kind of spiritual blog....I'm not much into spi beliefs,but I believe in God.
    this blog is beautiful and your word's are just like sitting and chating with you.....this WHY? ---I love why ?

  3. Anudeepa, Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It means a lot to me that you feel like we are just talking...that was my intent! I hope you can come back some time!