Do you have a person in or around your life that elicits your “fight or flight” response?  I’m sure we all have someone like that, or have had at one time.  Fight or flight in itself is a very healthy response hardwired into us from early in life as a way to protect us from predators.  God built this into us.  Take a few minutes to consider the following passages. They all talk about fighting or fleeing…so, we have a Godly perspective on the subject!

I Cor 6:18 and 10:14; I Tim 6:9-11; James 1:2-5; James 4:7 just to name a few…see if you can find your own.

One Sunday when we were setting up for a pot luck lunch after church I was in the kitchen helping take the food to the tables in our fellowship room.  I came upon a pie sitting there just waiting to be carried.  I went to grab it and a woman; the maker of the pie said in the meanest of tones “Don’t touch my pie”.  It was so harshly spoken it literally took away any words that might have come out of me!  This is the same woman who just sat there when I locked my keys in my car at ladies bible class (a few posts before this).  This woman is known for her harsh tone and attitude.  So, I just walked away.  I didn’t want to get into any kind of war of words with her at that time…so I fled the scene!  While I was driving home several things went through my mind…you know how you always think of what you should have done or said AFTER the fact…some of it not so wise, some of it has Godly principle.  FIRST of all, to bring some humor into my situation I thought I COULD have…SMILED and POKED my finger in her pie and said (in my most innocent of tones)…”What, THIS pie?”…OK, OK…a little passive aggressive…but WOW, what a three stooges kind of moment I would have had!...BUT, I thought some more and decided that it was OK to have just walked away in the face of someone else’s ugliness…BUT, if I had thought about it I COULD have also just said in as gentle a way as possible “Your words sounded so harsh just now.  I don’t think that is a Godly way to talk to anyone”.  Remember my earlier verse from an earlier post…

Leviticus 19: 17-18 "Do not hate your brother in your heart.  Rebuke your neighbor frankly so you will not share in his guilt. Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.  I am the Lord." 

Seems we have example here…and, it would have diffused the situation if I were to approach her in a gentle but firm way; which would have made me feel less like a worm in her presence.  Sounds like a win, win!  

So, here I am again…a message to myself more than anyone else.  I am getting a big picture here that I just carry away hurt from things that happen instead of standing up and as gently as possible let people know when they are less than kind!  WHEW…do you see the task I have put before myself…WOW, and right before new year’s resolutions are about to come! "OH BOTHER"
(as pooh bear would say)…


  1. Great message again Saundra. Too bad that lady was so angry. I read somewhere that if we fill our hearts with love, when bumped, that is what spills out! Of course what spilled out of her was quite hostile. Sticking your finger in her pie would have been rather hilarious for sure. I laughed as I pictured it. I also used to help out in a church kitchen and after having been severely scolded by a fellow who organized it on a weekly basis i withdrew my services and never went back. I decided to take flight. I witnessed this sort of thing often in the church as workers are doing things for the wrong reasons and not out of a place of love and servanthood. Our service should be joyful. I now serve on the street by letting people in the checkout line go ahead of me, or making room for a driver to change lanes. it is pretty easy to do when the actions are for the right reasons. I wonder how that gal with the pie is faring these days? Hope she has seen a new way and is at peace. Blessings to you. ross

  2. HA Ross...thanks for stopping in! Sadly, I do not think this poor woman has learned what it is all about...I'm working on getting to a place where I feel sorry for her. Kudos to you for spreading the good feelings around our world...I pray it comes back to you ten fold!