This is a story about how a christian brother SHOWED me love one day by offering the side of his house...I'll never forget that gift, and neither will anyone else who visits him...:)

I am thinking a lot these days about how we can help or hurt our christian brothers and sisters by how we show love or lie about our love. LOVE of the brethren is all over the scriptures...I learned that when something is repeated in scripture; a concept, a commandment, etc. it is VERY important!  Now, I'm not saying all of God's words to us are not important...I'm just saying...GOD IS LOVE...I John 4:8 - "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love"...He gave us this wonderful thing called love and it is up to us to learn how to love by His example...and to practice it!  This awesome thing can be a tool of healing, generosity, a safe haven for those we are called to love.  What does the bible say...following are just a few scriptures on how we are to love one another...and then I'll get back to my story.

John 13:34 - " one another as I (Christ) have loved you..."

Romans 12:10 - " devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves..."
Ephesians 4:2 - " completely humble and gentle, bearing with one another in love..."

Well, I could go on for awhile...take some time the next time you study to just look up scripture that refers to love of your brother...there is a lot.  What I learned from my study is that love is an action word...not just a word.  These scriptures above imply sacrificial love, devoted love, humility and gentleness in love...patience...those are things we show by how we act...right?...well, I can think of a time when I was low...angry at the world...and yes, even angry with God.  It isn't fair to be angry with The One who made us, who loved us SO much that He sacrificed His Son for us...but it happens...when we do not have our eyes above...and when life gets us down and we cave in to that horrible emotion that serves to destroy us and those around us if we don't put it where it prayers of supplication... Philippians 4:6 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God"

A time of anger for was hard, I was raising two little ones alone, people were a little hard...I was going to school and working a couple jobs and being there with my little kiddos and I went through an angry time.  I had a professor who noticed the difficulties my heart and physical life were encountering and he wanted to help.  One day after class he called me to his desk and said he'd noticed that I seemed to be in pain in my life and he said he wanted to help.  He told me he knew I was an artist and he had an idea for me to try. Call me intrigued...He said he was painting his house and wanted to know if it would help me get some of my anger out in a visible way by writing my every hurt, every angry thought, every devastation I encountered on his house in the new color and then he would paint over it.  HOW COOL WAS THAT!!

I was embarrassed at first and said no thank you, but I hadn't gotten but a few steps before I turned around and took him up on his offer.  Here was a brother in Christ that was reaching out to me in brotherly love; trying to help...and in a way that my artist heart could relate to...JUST THE THING I NEEDED...We ALL need the fellowship of our brethren...but only if it is presented as God wanted it...otherwise things can backfire big time...But, this man (an his wife was equally as wonderful) was trying to help...and in a very touchable way...they weren't just words...well, at least not yet...:)

So, I went...and, yes, I wrote every hurt, every angry word, every devastation I had endured or felt...ALL OVER THE SIDE OF HIS HOUSE!! I was honest with me...I took those moments and just wrote and wrote and wrote with my finger dipped in that paint can...with him on a ladder above painting his way down and erasing all that hurt and fear that had been building up for...well...EVER!  I have to tell you it was touched the artist in me who was and still is so got out the poison of hurt and feelings of rejection of the world and others of my own faith...and I felt so FREE of those things.  Nothing had changed but my writing on a wall...WAIT...yes they HAD felt good to get it out...but the thing that helped to replace such hurt in my heart was the reaching out in love of my christian brother!!  WHAT POWER this thing called LOVE that God IS and CREATED in this world!!  WOW...

I beg of you to NEVER underestimate how much value there is in reaching out to someone in love with intent to be there for your brothers and sisters who are hurting...It is the GLUE that holds us together through this very tough world!

Oh, yes...there is more to this story...After he had painted over and I had profusely thanked he and his wife (who graciously allowed this very creative expelling of my soul) and went my way...a little lighter...and smiling at the cool thing that I'd just done...and so happy that all those things I said were out...and covered over in love...(think about it)...WOW...and day a few weeks later my professor called me to his desk again after class...grinning from ear to ear...

He told me that he was out in his side yard one day and talking to a college official that lived next door (this was a christian college mind you)...and they were talking about how nice the new color looked on the house...and having tea...and then...they looked closer...and lo and could STILL SEE what I'd written on the house!!!  HORROR!!!  EMBARRASSED!!!...My finger had caused a little texture and it had dried a little before he painted it over...I was so SORRY...and then in the midst of apologizing HUGELY I noticed he had tears in his eyes from laughing and he said..."Saundra, do not be embarrassed...and do not be sorry...for this is merely a reminder of the wonderful person I knew you were under neath all that hurt and anger"...and until the day he painted again he never covered it over...Now, THAT is brotherly love!

One more quick story of how love is supposed to be...Last year something happened with a brother in Christ that hurt me badly...both in my heart and trouble in my life.  I was SO hurt and angry at first...but the bible tells us to be angry and sin not ...Ephesians 4:26.  So, I waited and prayed about my anger and then I did as the bible tells us to do...I wrote him about my hurt and told him I was working hard at forgiveness...Matthew 18:15 - "If your brother sins against you go and show him his fault, just between the two of you, if he listens to you, you have won your brother over." and then I gave it to God.  He, not long after, SHOWED what Godly brotherly love is supposed to be by writing me back with a sincere heartfelt apology and an offer to do what ever it took to make it right...I responded with a sincere thank you and told him that by his Godly response he had healed my heart! HOW AWESOME is Godly love when we practice it the way God gave us instruction to do!

Oh yes..I bet you thought I forgot....I John 3:18 - "Dear children let us not love with words or speech but with actions and with truth."

You do not know who is watching you...who is needing you...take a moment and look could save a soul today.

May God Bless You Today!


  1. Oh my! How I love you! Such a precious heart and soul...God knew in His infinate wisdome someday you would be mine and how much I would need you Little Bird! Love forever...

  2. That means a LOT coming from the woman who raised me...:)

  3. Hello Saundra. Of course you can use the "we are created, so we must create".
    Your story above was inspiring again to me. Thank you for sharing.

    Now i can share with you what has just transpired for me.

    Sometimes "not doing" is showing love. I was asked by my neighbours wife to do some work for her at her place. You see they had just separated and in the process of setting up two different homes. I was most uncomfortable with this and even though i do that sort of thing for a living, it did not seem right. Her hubby is a handy guy too and could have done it but he also said it was okay and i should do it for her. She was going to pay me for my services you see.

    But then i got a bad case of vertigo and it was a good excuse to not do the work. The vertigo went away and she asked me once more to do the work. I said "no" again.

    Now just the other day i saw him and he was heading off to her place to do some painting and flooring. He said it was going really well and he was hopeful they could mend things over. Both literally and spiritually. I did have to laugh and tell him my wife and i are cheering for them as we do love them.

    I was so very thankful to God for putting that hesitation on my heart. I really did need the money as i had not worked for sometime, but God knew what He was doing, didn't He? Now my wife and i can watch as they patch things over literally and spiritually and we shall have our neighbours back again one day soon. Hope this story blesses you today Saundra. by for now,

  4. I appreciate your view on your matter Ross...and, perhaps the hesitation was brought about by something that may not have looked appropriate, and we are called to avoid even the very appearance of evil as is written in I Thessalonians 5:22. Only you can know that by your hesitation that perhaps you knew her husband was looking for a good reason to go home again and help his wife as he should have done in the first place...However, I cringe a little at a situation where a woman left alone needed help and it was not forthcoming. I think, if you felt uncomfortable you should go with that, but perhaps to find a way to speak to her husband, or find her the help she needed from other sources might have helped her to not feel so alone and abandoned...if, she was feeling that, I can only suppose and relate to her situation as I have been there many times. I think of a biblical principle that could apply to help their marriage if her husband was not so willing to go back...IF a woman (or man) goes for help within the church and tells what is happening to her that gives information about the sin involved (if the husband left her) and as Christians we are commanded to take information we have to the brother in hopes of restoring him gently...but, in these situations so many factors may have been at play...but, for the church to do nothing in hopes that the husband would return and do the right thing leaves a woman alone...something I can VERY much relate to...It just goes to show that so many things can happen. Again, if you felt it inappropriate or it made you uncomfortable that was probably the Holy Spirit speaking to you...and you were right to go with it...but I might suggest that there were other avenues as stated above that could have gotten both things done. Thank goodness he came back and tried to work it out...but what if he hadn't...she would be stuck with little help from her christian brothers and sisters...that is MY soft spot, so that is where I want to defend...Thank you AGAIN for reminding us that we DO need to listen to what our Father gave us as a gift in the Holy Spirit...that is a good addition to what is already written!! God Bless

  5. Sorry Saundra, i can understand exactly where you are coming from, but this situation was not what you think it to be. You said, "I cringe a little at a situation where a woman left alone needed help and it was not forthcoming." Saundra, she was not in dire straights and left alone. She was living nicely in a comfortable place with every amenity and surrounded by family and friends.

    She moved to a new residence leaving the husband in their family home. They are not Christians, but they are our neighbours. She wanted to re-decorate her new place. It was not a case of her being without heat or water or anything like that.

    This lady is extremely independent and can do most things that a man can do. You are right that it was an inappropriate situation for me to get involved in and i was feeling that i should not go there for that reason. If she was struggling and suffering in any way my wife and i would have come up with something for her. Absolutely!

    I was just excited to see that he had been working there with her and things were improving for them. That is all. I wanted to share that with you. If i had done the work, the opportunity for them to spend time together in this way would not have been available.

    So by my "not doing" it left the door open for him, "to do"! It is what should have happened in the first place, but i think it was a case of her not wanting him to do the work. I guess they have now arrived at a place where she would "let him in" so to speak.

    You see, this is how things in the Church can become so difficult. My story was missing a lot of important information and it painted a completely different picture for you than I expected. Your response surprised me, but now that i re-read my comment above i can understand why. There is a lot missing from a written statement such as, the personalities of the parties involved, the circumstances, the geography even, the reasons for parting company etc. It all comes into play. Every detail.

    Happy Easter Saundra.

  6. I'm glad you clarified the story Ross! It is a good reminder that there are as many stories and scenarios as there are people in this world!! It seems to give a good example of how we all need Christ in our lives and through that we can learn how to live as Christians the way God intended. I love how He has given us a road map on how to live and IF we all strive to be as we have been told there is always a Godly answer! Sounds like what I wondered if you weren't being led by the Holy Spirit to be discerning in your actions with this woman. Oh if only there were more who were careful with their marriages in situations like this! Thank you for adding the rest!!

  7. What a beautiful story and an amazing offer from your professor. Oh to be filled with more of God's love.

  8. Dear Saundra - I am a Christian and artist. I stumbled first on your blog "Art For Life" and then found this blog as well. Love your "God's thoughts" on loving each other. I am subscribing to this blog as well as Art For life. Thank you for sharing your love in Christ - You do it so well.

  9. Thanks CrimsonLeaves and Debbie, I just hope that anything I say may help anyone in any way! As I've said before this is a sharing blog, so if you have thoughts to add with scripture, please write me!!